1. Welcome to the official website of Changshu Xiahong Textile Co., Ltd.!
                                              2. Contact us Mailbox
                                              3. Changshu Xiahong Textile Co., Ltd.

                                                Committed to the development of warp knitting manufacturing business.

                                                quality first, reputation supreme, cooperation and mutual benefit

                                              4. products

                                                About us

                                                quality first, reputation supreme, cooperation and mutual benefit

                                              5. >> More

                                              6. Changshu Xiahong Textile Co., Ltd.

                                                Changshu Xiahong Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Meili Town of Changshu City in Jiangsu Province; now, we enjoy very convenient transportation for we are about 90 kilometers away from Shanghai and next to Yanjiang Expressway at the same time.  Xiahong has been committed to the development of warp knitting manufacturing business since the 1990s. Up to now, we have successfully formed a complete set of production processes and technologies, and own...

                                              7. Looks forward to establishing long-term, long-term, good, stable relations of cooperation with friends all around the world to create a bright future together.

                                              8. More than 20 years of experience precipitation

                                                Established in 1995, our factory is located in Meili Town of Changshu City in Jiangsu Province. Our headquarters is about 90 kilometers away from Shanghai, and our factory is next to Yanjiang Expressway, thus we enjoy very convenient transportation.

                                                Our weaving factory covers an area of ??about 20,000 square meters, the area of dyeing and printed factory is about 60,000 square meters, and we also own a home textile factory.

                                                Xiahong has been committed to the development of warp knitting manufacturing business since the 1990s.

                                              9. Improvement of production equipment

                                                There are advanced and complete production equipment, including 12 sets of fully-automatic computer-controlled hydraulic warping machines, 4 sets of automatic fabric slitting machine, over 90 sets of double-needle-bar warp knitting machines; our dyeing and printed plant is equipped with a series of complete equipment such as carding machines, setting machines, shearing machines and printed machines, etc.

                                                With an annual output of about 10,000 tons, we can sell about CNY 180 million of products every year. From the procurement of raw materials and the weaving of grey fabrics, to the inspection of finished products, we have hired a series of technicians to check the quality; at the same time, we also sum up a scientific and effective management method to control the quality and cost.

                                              10. Xiahong's products Cheap beauty

                                                Polyester or polyester/nylon superfine Coral fleece (single or double sgraffito); (in plain, printed or small Jacquard), mainly used in home textiles, toys, furniture, clothing, car decoration.

                                                Toy velvet; long hair cloth (peacock velvet, Aidi velvet, chrysanthemum velvet) and so on.

                                                Berber Fleece, PV velvet series.

                                                Raschel fabrics and cotton blankets are mainly used for bedding such as sheets and quilt covers. (in plain, Printed or small Jacquard ).

                                                Coral fleece blankets, bathrobes, cushions, etc., are mainly suitable for household items.

                                                Flannel series.

                                              11. Quality First, Credit First, Cooperation and...

                                                Our products have been highly recognized by customers in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and China, etc.

                                                Adhering to the business philosophy of "quality first, reputation supreme, cooperation and mutual benefit", Xiahong looks forward to establishing long-term, long-term, good, stable relations of cooperation with friends all around the world to create a bright future together.

                                                Take quality as sail technology as the rudder XiaHong in the battles of the commercial sea is bound to leave a more magnificent recovery.

                                              12. Twenty years ago, XiaHong sails
                                                to the indomitable faith
                                                in the spirit of self-improvement
                                                holds up the courage and wisdom to weave sails

                                                Today is the beginning of
                                                steady development, the contribution
                                                is still a great summer of keywords
                                                take quality as sail
                                                technology as the rudder
                                                in the battles of the commercial sea
                                                is bound to leave a more magnificent recovery
                                              13. News Center


                                                Changshu Xiahong textile Co.,Ltd.

                                                Copyright(C)2019, Changshu Xiahong Textile Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by Texindex ChinaTexNet Toocle Copyright Notice

                                                Add: No. 106, Nanyuan Road, South District, Tonggang Industrial Park, Meili Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China.
                                                Zip code: 215511
                                                Contact: Qian Xiayi +86-18806231618
                                                Tel: +86-512-52263550

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